Improve your financial bottom line by efficiently streamlining operational outpatient medical practice workflow leading to improved work-life balance.


This is available at three levels, from superficial to in depth.

I can show you where to start and how I can help! I want to improve your work life balance and help you care for patients while running and efficient and optimized practice.


I can answer any general questions at many different cost and time efficient levels.



I am not an attorney or CPA! My goal here would be a member of your "upstream" team in order to guide you and offer sound advice.  I can help advise you as you analyze the often arduous and difficult task of contract analysis.


My focus is on saving you time and money as you continue to interact "downstream" with your trusted legal and financial professionals



 i can help you streamline your office operations maintaining your continued quality of patient care by improving daily workflow leading to an increase in  revenue and decrease in expense



Doctor to Doctor Medical Practice Consulting Service

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