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MedWorks Offers a variety of different services for health care professionals. We have "been there and "done that" in a variety of different business models. From practice startup to contract negotiation. From selling your practice to selling your medical building if you are an owner.  We can help you determine the best routes to take and how to approach the ever changing landscape of healthcare.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Where Do I Start?

Limited Physical:
Analyze & Plan

In Person or Virtual


Pre-execution planning recommendations


 Scope of Work discussed and defined

Real time Q and A option


1 Month Timeframe

Complete Physical:
Analyze, Plan, Execute & Sustain

In Person or Virtual


Planning, execution and benchmark measurment

Initial and ongoing on Site Visits to Office


Scope of Work discussed and defined

3-6 Month Timeframe

Office Visit: Analyze

In Person or Virtual 


Goal specific overview recommendations


Scope of Work discussed and defined


Informal 60 to 90 Minute Discussion

As Members Of Your Team, Who Are You Going To Call For Advice?

Your Lawyer-Yes!

Your CPA-Yes!


Practice management consultant???

At the front end, you want someone who has been there and done that to provide you guidance , saving both time and money in the long run!

Why Not Call?

Someone Who Has Had A Proven & Successful Track Record After Experiencing Several Private Office And Hospital Based Business Models. Someone Who Has Been There & Done That!

Free , no obligation, 15 minute Chat-click here to call or email me to set this up

Also available for consultation for health related business entities


Free 15 minute Consultation

Paul Ehrmann D.O.

MedWorks LLC.

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